What are the benefits of applying for citizenship by investment in Cyprus?

The main benefit that Cyprus’ Citizenship Scheme by Investment (CCI) offers compare to similar schemes of other neighboring EU countries is that Cyprus’ CCI provides you with the exceptional opportunity to choose freely which investment criteria makes more financial sense to you. Similar schemes from other neighboring EU countries force applicants to invest-donate on a bunch of different types of industries/investments & on financial-social contributions that are non-refundable.

On the other hand, Cyprus’ Citizenship-Scheme-By-Investment offers eight different investment options to potential investors/applicants for obtaining a Citizenship: including the options to invest in Real Estate, Government Bonds, Cyprus Corporations, Financial Assets, Bank Deposits, Combination of the aforementioned investments or by participating in a Major Collective Investment that involves a reduced amount of investment.

Below you can see the entire list of the benefits of Cyprus’ Citizenship Scheme by Investment. 

  • Investments can be combined or being Individual to a particular industry 

  • High projected returns resulted from the current attractive property prices

  • Successful applicants gain the right to live, work and study in all  EU members

  • Visa free travel over 120 countries including EU, Canada, UK.

  • Approved within 90 days after application

  • No residence requirement

  • No language requirement 

  • Citizenship is permanent 

  • Basic documentation

  • Easy process

  • Very high approval rate

Citizenship via Investment

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