What are the requirements to obtain the Cypriot Citizenship through investment?

A non-Cypriot citizen, who meets one of the following economic criteria, either personally or through a company/companies in which he/she participates as a shareholder - proportionally based on the percentage of participation, or even as a high-ranking Senior Manager of a company/companies that meets one of economic criteria, may apply for the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship. The applicant should have conducted the necessary investments during the three years preceding the date of the application and must retain the said investments for a period of at least five (5) years since the date of the Nationalization. 


The applicant must meet one of the following Economic Criteria 

(or a combination where applicable).

  1. Investment-in-Shipping Industry 

  2. Real-Estate 
    This option requires an investment/purchases of at least 2 million EUR in real estate or other developments including residential, commercial or infrastructure projects.

  3. Investment in Financial Assets of Cypriot Companies or Organizations 
    The applicant could purchase financial assets such as bonds, securities or debentures registered and issued in the Republic of Cyprus by Cypriot companies or organizations of at least EUR 2 million. 

  4. Purchase, Creation or Participation in Cypriot Businesses or Companies 
    The applicant have also an option to make an investment of at least €2 million in relation to the purchase, creation or participation in Cypriot businesses or companies that are based and operating in the Republic. These businesses or companies should evidently have a tangible presence in Cyprus and employ at least five Cypriot citizens.  

  5. Bank-Deposits
    This option requires applicant to have personal fixed-term deposits for three years in Cypriot banks or deposits of privately-owned companies or trusts (in which he/she is the beneficiary owner) in the Republic of Cyprus of at least €2 million.

  6. Combination-of-the-Aforementioned-Criteria
    The applicant is required to have a combination of the above options amounting to at least EUR 2 million.


Note that for the economic criteria 1,3,4,5,6 an applicant should purchase a house of at least €500,000 + VAT. 

Please note that on top of the required amount of 2,000,000EUR; investors are now required to provide a governmental donations totalling as 200,000EUR


Citizenship via Investment

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